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2003 Registration of the domain ""
2007 Transfer of the domain "" to Lars Munksoe
2008 Creating basic concept based on NMT mobile phone technology
2009 Founding of the company Mobilling ApS - Denmark
2009 From 1st of July 2009 and until today Lars Munksoe is allowing the use of concept and trademark to Lynx ApS, an electric car development company based in Denmark with the homepage:
2010 Lynx ApS enters a develop agreement with a Danish mobile phone provider.
2013 From late 2013 until late 2015 Lars Munksoe did allow the use of concept and trademark to Protanium bv., an electric bike company based in The Netherlands for the use in connection with electric bicycles.
2014 In that year the Protanium bv. electric bicycle was award was a winner of the Eurobike Award, RedDot Award and the Taipei Cycle D&i Award 2014 for using the Mobilling concept in connection with an electric bicycle. 
2015 Lars Munksoe selling his shares in Protanium bv and stops providing access to use Mobilling trademark and concept to Protanium bv.
2015 Mobilling ApS becomes a secondary name to the e-bike company Positive Energies ApS and takes over the exclusive rights for Mobilling tradename and concept.
2016 Positive Energies ApS enter development agreement with HongKong based lithium battery company and Danish mobile phone company to utilize Mobilling concept.
2017 "Mobilling" is ready to use for the first customer in the electric bicycle market.
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